Which is the best self balancing scooter to buy?
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Which is the best self balancing scooter to buy?

Segbot Technology Co.,Ltd adheres to the balance scooter property of safety, sensitivity, comfort and fashion, grasping every link of R&D and production as well as precisely guaranteeing the product quality. Fittings of the leading product are completely and automatically produced, such as the main board. With strong technique and rich experience, the staffs manufacture the trustworthy and superior product that satisfies and reassures the consumer. With unique motor technology, they provide safety guarantee, resolutely eliminate the phenomenon of speed as well as ensure high safety and stability of the product. The company adopts American originally imported gyroscopic apparatusmicrostrain in order to ensure high-flexibility of the product. In addition, it invites Italian senior engineer and designer to perform the superior DIY order according to the clients demands so as to guarantee that the product meets individual requirements of the clients. Meanwhile, from the actual demands of the client, the company explores to increase the sustainability of high-energy battery. Currently, average battery can drive 25-35km, while luxurious battery can last drive 60-75km. In order to meet the all-round demands of the clients, first-rate service team adheres to reach the following objectives. Pre-saleaccurately recommend the product according to the demands of client; In the middle of salestrictly test every product and ensure its high-quality; After-saleby virtue of decades of after-sale experience, provide all-round services such as technical consultation, technical training and fitting maintenance to the clients in order to guarantee that the clients are completely carefree and enjoying the perfect service in the process of consultation, purchase, order and use.


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